Home Care Aid Training

We are offering Home Care Aid Training in accordance to 89 Illinois Administrative Code 240.1530 (b)(3). Our years of provider experience have made us aware of the benefits of outsourcing required Home Care Aide Training. Vantage instructors hold Illinois Dept. on Aging Management and Supervisor Training Certificates as well as years of training experience. We will provide Lecture and Video Based training along with Completion Certificates to your employees to be added to your company records.

As you may know, different companies have varying policies and procedures in place in order to reach similar goals. The HCA Training we provide will be customized to fit your company’s specific needs while meeting the standards set by the State of Illinois. The number of training hours, group sizes, location, and how often the trainings will commence are some of the details that your company will need to consider.

Along with those considerations, the choice of topics your employees will be trained in can also be customized. The following topics are currently available for trainings:

American Heart Association First Aid Training* – 2 Hours
Companion Homemaker Skills – 1 Hour
Essential Bed rest Skills – 1 Hour
Personal Care – 1 Hour
HIPPA – 1 Hour
Elder Abuse – 1 Hour
Nutrition – 1 Hour
Communicatiion – 1 Hour
Infection Control – 1 Hour
*does not include a written test

After completion, the company will receive a certificate listing the topics and resulting hours for the given training in addition to a sign in roster. Employees that complete the First Aid Training will also receive a 2 year card certifying them with the American Heart Association.

Cost of the training will be determined in relation to the needs of your company. A $50 base rate applies to trainings held on location in addition to a per hour rate. On location trainings also require the company to provide seating arrangements, TV, and a DVD player. When First Aid Training is required an additional “per student” rate will apply.